# Text

# paragraph

// usage
{{paragraph({ sentences: 1 })}}
{{paragraph({ linebreak: true })}}

Return a random paragraph generated from sentences populated by semi-pronounceable random (nonsense) words.

  => 'Lel fi huepe jupu akse zej ire vesik kojvulom zon is biwuwkef pa. Uv hokivej voh ebu numdogi akolo hik uwlez ta vacev ofdaimi acunetum suvet uhdab ir soglazo ju pafbeb. Pub cezeh fuc kebamnul he ok luumoabi rawkig me fov pin zup biv risugra. Ralpunad apkomgib alnirciw akel wa lus wahfum burog buol vecotihe abadahoj ugolo wovki ucojal fec.'

Default is a paragraph with a random number of sentences from 3 to 7.

Optionally specify the number of sentences in the paragraph.

  {{paragraph({ sentences: 1 })}};
  => 'Idefeulo foc omoemowa wahteze liv juvde puguprof epehuji upuga zige odfe igo sit pilamhul oto ukurecef.'

Optionally specify if each sentence in the paragraph should start a new line.

  {{paragraph({ linebreak: true })}};
  => `
      Moku kazkubib adi apo bebiw movarne rab tusa vura nok ji iv otukib dewut.
      Tiwlo orojel vuhhet emluliv loha ma rulical fokuv re dob fabup bit.
      Veza ermethit osgues dohjeci pezlal su ibi cib zerezci bode ca hopmub gigwosut culhoca nubu.

# sentence

// usage
{{sentence({ words: 5 })}}

Return a random sentence populated by semi-pronounceable random (nonsense) words.

  => 'Witpevze mappos isoletu fo res bi geow pofin mu rupoho revzi utva ne.'

The sentence starts with a capital letter, and ends with a period.

Default is a sentence with a random number of words from 12 to 18.

This length is chosen as the default as it works out to the average English sentence is in that range.

Optionally specify the number of words in the sentence.

  {{sentence({ words: 5 })}};
  => 'Waddik jeasmov cakgilta ficub up.'

# syllable

// usage

Return a semi-speakable syllable, 2 or 3 letters

=> 'fop'

The syllable is returned in all lower case.

A syllable generally alternates between vowel and consonant and is used as the core building block for a word.

# word

// usage
{{word({ syllables: 3 })}}
{{word({ length: 5 })}}

Return a semi-pronounceable random (nonsense) word.

  => 'bappada'

The word is returned in all lower case.

Default is a word with a random number of syllables from 1 to 3.

This length is chosen as it works out to the average word length of ~5-6 chars which seems about right.

Can optionally specify a number of syllables which the word will have.

Note these are not syllables in the strict language definition of the word, but syllables as we've defined here which is 2 or 3 characters, mostly alternating between vowel and consanant. This is the about the best we can do with purely random generation.

  {{word({ syllables: 3 })}};
  => 'tavnamgi'

Can optionally specify a length and the word will obey that bounding.

  {{word({ length: 5 })}};
  => 'ralve'

In this case these 2 options are mutually exclusive, that is they cannot be combined as they often make no sense. It wouldn't be possible to have a word with 7 syllables and a length of 5 or a length of 30 but 2 syllables.

Therefore, if both are specified, an Exception will be thrown so the Developer can handle their broken case.

  {{word({ length: 5, syllables: 20 })}};
  => new RangeError("Chance: Cannot specify both syllables AND length.");