# Basic concepts

# Introduction

The MockAnAPI provides powerful features for generating mock data for your api, whether it is static or schema based, you name it! And MockAnAPI will do it for you.

# Static API and Schema-Based API

The Static API allows you to work with data without predefined schemas. You can store, retrieve, and manipulate data in a flexible manner. You can just do this by toggling on serve static on you APIs.


The Schema-Based API is designed for users who prefer structured and dynamicdata. You can define data schemas and use them to ensure data consistency and validation.

sample-schema-based api
sample-schema-based api

# Public and Private APIs

MockAnAPI offers the flexibility to create both public and private APIs. Public APIs are accessible to anyone with the URL, while private APIs require authentication. Both of the types of API's can be generated with on toggle. How to Choose private and public api

  • In case your api is serving the data that does not requires any sort of server authentication You can switch over for public api.
  • In case your api is being used for internal team and private project that requires the authentication, feel free to switch the toggle to Private.

# Schema Documentation

The schema documentation provides detailed information on creating and working with schemas in the MockAnAPI. MockAnAPI uses chance.js to generate mock data.

We have ported the docs from chance.js to showcase the uses in MockAnAPI schema editor and all it's available options